Local Data All at Your Choice

No Contract. No Monthly Bill.  Data without Expiry1


4G Full Speed Local Data Package , As low as $11/GB
  • 1GB
    Total price $18
  • 5GB
    Total price $85
  • 10GB
    Total price $130
  • 20GB
    Total price $220


Total price $18


Total price $85


Total price $130


Total price $220

GB Local Data - only $ ($/GB)

Local Voice All at Your Choice

Local voice without expiry1. Purchase base on your needs


Local Voice Package
$10/100 Min
Other Charges
Local Voice Call (Hong Kong Only) $0.3/MIN
Intra SMS (Has been revised to $0.3/SMS with effective from 12 Aug 2021)
Inter SMS $0.5/SMS
International SMS $1/SMS


Local MMS $1/SMS
International MMS $4/SMS


Terms and Conditions
1. Local packages can be subscribed via SIMPLIFLY website or apps, or you may also use the services directly and charged by your usage. The validity period of local package is same as the validity period of your SIMPLIFLY SIM card.
2. In those Hong Kong areas where the 4G networks are not available, CMHK will provide the service under 3G/2G EDGE. Actual network service will be subject to and affected by the network operator, network usage, designated handset model(s), settings (hardware and software), upload/download content sizing, and other factors.
3. Tethering, P2P applications (incl. BitTorrent) will not be supported in Hong Kong while using local data service.
4. SIMPLIFLY cannot be used for calls to Infoline Call numbers with "900" prefix.
5. When the cumulated local voice used up during the validity period, thereafter local voice will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.
6. Calculation of call airtime is based on the network report of SIMPLIFLY. In case of dispute, the statement of SIMPLIFLY is conclusive and binding. All calculations are subject to such prevailing rates or tariff as SIMPLIFLY shall from time to time impose.
7. SIMPLIFLY only support calling number display, missed call alert, call forward package , voice & fax mailbox, call waiting & call hold, conference call.
8. When using the Call Waiting and Call Hold feature, subscribers need to pay the airtime charge for the first answered call, as well as the other calls answered or on hold at the same time.
9. When using the Conference Call feature, subscribers need to pay the airtime charge for all connected lines at the same time.
10. Please check if applicable handset models are used to receive the SMS content, and if the recipient's network is compatible. Otherwise customer could be charged even if the transmission is unsuccessful.
11. Receiving and sending multimedia messages requires data usage which is deducted in local data package.
12. Pursuant to the Telecommunications (Registration of SIM Cards) Regulation, this SIMPLIFLY prepaid SIM card purchase on or after 1 March 2022 must be real-name registered in order to be used the local service, otherwise roaming service can only be used. If this SIMPLIFLY prepaid SIM card was purchased before 1 March 2022, please complete prepaid SIM card real name registration on or before 23 February 2023, or the local service will no longer available.

For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions